Th!nk PIV4/A266

  • Siadis Simovert support
    Getting support for the Th!nk/Simovert inverters was very difficult in the past.

    The Siadis v3.11 program only runs on old 386/486 computers and
    the Simovert inverter is 'locked' by a code preventing making any alterations to the settings.
    We've managed to build a software tool which opens the Simovert inverter so that
    any parameter can be altered.

    With modified settings the Think drivetrain can now be used for battery packs upto
    320V with no limitation on speed, current or the original Think BMS system.


  • Siemens/Simovert manual
  • Siemens/Simovert settings


  • Siadis v3.11 (orginal version, locked)
  • Siadis v3.11 (unlocked, alter any '*' parameter)
  • Think A266 CodeBreaker (enter 'Siadis' mode)
  • Think A266 resettool (reset inverter faults)
  • Think A266 diagnostics (dump running inverter values for diagnostics)


  • RS232 ISO converter
  • OBD cable